Litigation is something to be avoided generally. Litigation is expensive and time
consuming. Mostly litigation is negative energy, looking backward on unresolved issues as
opposed to moving forward with one's projects and ambitions or life in general. Unless you are
suing an insurance company for something like a personal injury, the more time and money
you put into litigation the less money you will realize even if you prevail.

     As such most litigation is not a value added activity. However it may be unavoidable, if you
are sued by someone else for example. Or it may be a cost of doing business.

      When all of the objective aspects of litigation are weighed and the client is able to make a
sound business decision, Rosenthal & Associates P.C. is prepared to litigate most business
matters or all probate matters. Often a client will tell us that they do not care how much
something costs, they will litigate for the principle involved. Our experience is that in the end,
this is simply not true.

      While the statement above may sound negative, we view it otherwise. As negative as
litigation may be for you, the client, it is almost always a positive for us, your attorneys. We
therefore have significant short term incentive to encourage you to litigate.

      At Rosenthal & Associates P.C. we do not view this issue in the short term. We view it in
the longer term, where it is in our best interests to counsel you to act prudently. Perhaps more
importantly, we view doing everything we can to prevent and discourage litigation, except
under the most prudent circumstances or out of necessity, as our ethical duty.

      We will help you to look long and hard at the realities of litigation. We will strive to be as
efficient as possible and to do our very best, often under difficult circumstances, to do what is
right for you, the client.