Mortality is a fact of life. Rosenthal & Associates P.C. provides full services
for winding down a decedent's affairs as efficiently and effectively as
possible. People have all kinds of assets and issues and, as you can see
below, Rosenthal & Associates P.C. maintains expertise in other areas of law
and is prepared to deal with those issues as the need arises.
Guardianship may be necessary when someone you care about is unable to
care for himself or herself or manage his or her finances. Guardianship is to
be avoided, generally, and Rosenthal & Associates P.C.'s first goal to help
its clients plan their affairs to do just that. However, when guardianship
cannot be avoided Rosenthal & Associates P.C. maintains an active practice
in this area.
  Rosenthal & Associates P.C. has decades of experience in the following
areas of practice. Click on the topic or the navigation bar to the left for
more information. While you can see that the firm maintains a diverse
practice, you may recognize a common thread between these areas of
Rosenthal & Associates P.C. has experience in a broad range of general
corporate matters, and has contacts required to handle more specialized
service matters when needs for those more specialized business matters
Litigation is always a last resort, but it is also the ultimate legal test of
planning and implementation. Rosenthal & Associates P.C. has over two
decades of litigation experience in Federal and State courts on a wide
variety of business related matters including fraud, taxation, breach of
contract, real estate, corporate, and commercial matters.
We all know how complicated tax law can be, and how everything we may
do can affect our taxes. Rosenthal & Associates P.C. keeps abreast of
these issue and provides these services to compliment all areas of
Rosenthal & Associates P.C.'s practice.
Estate planning is related to probate, guardianship, litigation, business
matters, and taxation. Many attorney's who practice in these other areas
never go to court. The courtroom is the ultimate test for planning
techniques. We believe this gives Rosenthal & Associates P.C. an
advantage over other attorneys who practice in this area.

Rosenthal & Associates P.C. is especially interested in representing
clients with family members who have special needs.
Asset protection planning is part of any good estate plan. Once again,
litigation is true test of asset protection and Rosenthal & Associates P.C.
has litigated many of these issues. Taxation, of course, plays an import
role in asset protection along with insurance issues, business matters, and
even Medicaid.
Business succession planning is estate planning for people who own
businesses. Business succession planning potentially incorporates
probate, guardianship, taxation, business matters, estate planning, and
asset protection matters. So you can see that Rosenthal & Associates P.C.
is highly qualified to help you plan for the ultimate, and most elusive,
success for your business.
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