Some reasons why you may wish to probate an estate:

     1. Establish the validity and legal effect of a will with finality;

     2. Determine the heirs of the estate with finality, establishing the individuals entitled
to share assets and all persons entitled to notice;

     3. Terminate all claims against the estate in a relatively short period, eliminating the
uncertainties of unresolved and unpaid claims;  

     4. Simplify procedures for creditors to prove and collect valid claims against the

     5. Provide full legal authority to a representative to collect and liquidate assets, pay
debts, and make distributions;

     6. Provide full legal authority to a representative to collect disputed claims and
assets and to establish title which might otherwise be in dispute;

     7. Provide full legal authority to a representative to defend claims against the
decedent and the estate;

     8. Provide a simple, expeditious method for transferring title of  or liquidating
decedents’ assets;

     9. Provide a method for perfecting legal title to a decedent’s real estate so that it can
be distributed or liquidated;

     10. Protect the representative for performance of the representative’s

     11. Assure creditors, heirs, legatees and devisees that they will receive their rightful
share of assets, affording them an opportunity to scrutinize and contest the
representative’s actions;

     12. Provide a method for creditors and beneficiaries to hold the person who takes
decedent’s property to be held accountable;

     13. Provide a method for determining who will represent the estate; and

     14. Grant authority to one person to determine and settle tax liabilities.