Under 755 ILCS 5/9-8, any interested person may petition the court of the property county for
summary administration under certain conditions.  Under summary administration, the court may
determine claimant rights, determine the rights of other interested persons, direct payment of
claims and distribution of the estate, excuse issuance of letters of office, revoke any previously
issued letters, and discharge any previously appointed representative.  After the ascertainment
of heirship of the decedent and admission of any will to probate, the court may permit summary
administration if:

   1.  The gross value of the decedent’s real and personal estate subject to administration in
this state does not exceed $100,000;

   2.  All known claimants and amounts owed are listed in the petition, or if no unpaid claims

   3.  No estate or gift tax will be due, or if payment of all estate or gift taxes have been

   4.  No person may claim a surviving spouse’s or child’s award, or all such claimants are
named, along with their age, the minimum allowable award, and the amount already paid, if any,
on such a claim;

   5.  All heirs and legatees consent in writing to summary administration;

   6.  Each distributee must give bond in the value of his or her distributive share, subject to
refund of the due proportion of any claim entitled to be paid from the estate distributed,
including the claim of any person having a prior right to such distribution, together with the
expenses of recovery, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, with surety to be approved by the
court.  The court may order a distributee to refund any distribution made upon petition if
necessary to pay any claim.  This refund will be apportioned if there is more than one
distributee.  Failure to refund the distribution within 60 days of an order is deemed a breach of
the bond, subjecting the distributee to a civil claim including reasonable attorney’s fees.  

   7.  The petitioner must publish in a newspaper published in the county where the petition is
filed a notice of the decedent’s death, of the filing of a petition for distribution of the estate on
summary administration and of the date, time and place of the hearing on the petition.  The
notice is published once a week for three successive weeks, the first of which in snot less than
30 days prior to the hearing.  A proof of publication is to be filed with the court.

   Upon receipt of an authenticated copy of the court’s order, any person or corporation
indebted to or holding property of the personal estate of the decedent , or acting as registrar or
transfer agent of any evidence of interest, indebtedness, property or right shall pay the
indebtedness, deliver, transfer, or issue the personal estate.  755 ILCS 5/9-9.
Summary Administration of Estates with Gross with Gross Value of
$100,000 or Less